Students Testimonials

  • Ranjith Krishna

    Deal Management Analyst, Oracle

    MBA has become more meaningful after joining SNGIMS. This b-school has showed me a bounty of avenues in sharpening my skills. The institute has molded me as a dynamic personality, encouraging me to be more independent and has always given the freedom to think and perform in the best of my capacity.

  • Toufeeq K M

    Sales Manager, Suzuki NEXA, Kerala

    I feel proud to proclaim that I am an alumni of SNGIMS who graduated in the first batch in the year 2010. This year, I got a great opportunity to visit my college on behalf of Volkswagen to offer campus placements to my juniors. I was amazed to see my dear faculty members who played a commendable role in shaping my personality. I was equally amazed to observe the positive growth of the college. I felt happy that I was given an opportunity to share my experiences. Best wishes to all my SNGMians…

  • Sowmya T S

    Business Process Executive, Tata Consultancy Services

    Life at SNGIMS is unique with its culture and the Gurus we have. This B-School has given all the
    assistance that is needed to reach our full potential. The extra-curricular activities like Karikaparampara, Tejomaya, Prabhodhana and also the Mentoring program have helped us to face the challenges in this highly competitive world. I am really grateful to the faculty members for their guidance and support.

  • Sumesh R Krishnan

    Chief Accountant Officer, Eagle Logistics, Dubai

    I take this opportunity to thank all the faculty members of SNGIMS who had supported me in all my
    endeavors during my stay at SNGIMS. This indeed has helped me to transform into a personality, ready
    to face any challenge in life. Many many thanks to SNGIMS.

  • Jithin George

    Business Development Executive, Axis Bank

    I am sure that some of the wonderful memories that I have are indeed associated with SNGIMS. I miss
    my friends, the classrooms and all the faculty members. I learnt how to coordinate with my classmates
    and I am thankful to SNGIMS for honouring me with the best outgoing student award. SNGIMS provides
    excellent training sessions in English and Soft Skills. These sessions helped me to familiarize in English which otherwise was an alien language. Glimpses of true essence of management can be seen in every activity conducted by SNGIMS.

  • Anu Anna Alexander

    Executive Director, CSF Projects & Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd

    Experience at SNGIMS is something where words fall short. Every day, the campus taught me things that
    added new perspectives to my life. I take this opportunity to thank my beloved faculty members, who in
    all sense were second parents to me. The practical exposures that we get at the campus are
    incomparable and surely help in moulding a student into a promising personality.

  • Sujith S

    Business Development Executive, GetitInfomedia

    My transformation from a village lad to a Corporate Executive was a journey that started at SNGIMS. A
    temple of learning, this b-school helped me to realize that there is lot more things, which are unknown
    to me. The activities at the campus slowly started building my confidence and in due course I was
    successful in getting placed through an on campus placement drive. Today, I can proudly say that I have
    been voted as the best performer of the year 2013. I attribute my success to this great institute, SNGIMS.

  • Senthil Kumar

    Asst Manager, India Mart

    I come from a very mediocre family. My parents are uneducated and I am the first person in the family to take up a P.G Programme. At first when I joined the college I thought it was like any other PG College with lot of theory classes, but my experience was totally different. Along with the theory classes I was also pulled into lot of activities, I used to hesitate participating in the programmes, but my faculty members always motivated me and I slowly started liking the activities conducted by the college. I could see that there was a steady transformation in my approach to life. Finally, the placement officer helped me to find a job. I am very happy that I am able to outperform in my job, which has always been well appreciated by my superiors. Other companies want to hire me seeing my performance. “What I am now”, I attribute the entire credit to the Principal and the team of faculty members, who have always supported me.

  • Sreeraj S

    Senior U.S Tax Associate, KPMG LLP, Kochi

    I would like to express my sincere thanks to all my teachers and staff in SNGIMS, who have given me an
    opportunity to voice a few words about our college. I can confidently say that SNGIMS helped me a lot to carve my career in this highly competitive corporate environment. Now, I can successfully implement the theoretical knowledge and the technical practices gathered from SNGIMS in my corporate life. Moreover, I always remember my days in SNGIMS and I miss my college and all the people out there.

  • Saravanan S

    Financial Associate, RR Donnelley

    Life at SNGIMS was an experience beyond imagination, an experience that is worth remembering and cherishing. Every day, in SNGIMS I have learned many things that have helped me to shine in the new jobprofile that I am now in.

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